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turn on the light
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.


The Doctor: Amy Pond. Amelia Pond from Leadworth, please, listen to me. I know it seems impossible, but you know me. In another version of reality you and I were best friends. We..we..traveled together. We had adventures. Amelia Pond, you grew up with a time rift in the wall of your bedroom. You can see what others can’t. You can remember (he grabs something blue) things that never happened, and if you try… If you really really try, you’ll be able to…(he sees the blue box in his hand, the tardis…he realizes that Amy remembers)…OH..

Fixed points can be rewritten.

sorry river
it’s the only way 




River song: I’ve been sending out a message. A distress call. Outside the bubble of our time, the universe is still turning. And I’ve sent a message everywhere, to the future and the past. The beginning and the end of everything. “The Doctor is dying. Please, please help.” 

The Doctor: River. River, this is ridiculous! That would mean nothing to anyone. It’s insane. Worse! It’s stupid! You embarrass me.


because his face